Doug and the B Brothers
Overcoming Fear and Guilt When Canine Kids Get Sick

From my upcoming book:
Evenings with Beezer: 
    Lessons on Living & Dying From My Canine Brothers 
    (spring 2009 release)

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(Compiled by Boomer the Black Lab When Bone Cancer Metastasized to his Lungs.)


10.  The greatest Hopes come in the smallest packages.  The progression of disease does not mean we are hopeless.  Hope is not an all or nothing proposition.


9.  I hope my dad doesn’t obsess about trying to cure me.  He’ll miss the whole point of being together today. 


8.  Miracles happen!  What if the miracle isn't that I get better, but you do?  I hope you see this possibility.



7.  I hope we can look into each others eyes every day for one minute without saying a word.







 6.  I hope my dad does not fear my death. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.  I’ll be joining my brother and both of us will wait for him.  We were sent to earth to teach him these lessons of hope, love and forgiveness.






5.  I have opinions concerning further treatment.  I hope my dad hears my voice and considers my needs and desires.  I hope my dad can honor my nobility and even help me when it is my time.  



4.   I hope dad has even and appropriate emotions.  It helps both of us in many ways.



3.   I hope dad recognizes the days ahead are the icing on my cake of life.  Try not to smear the frosting.  



2.  I’m alive today.  I hope we can savor and linger in each precious moment.  



1.  I hope that dad realizes he cannot shower love, compassion and forgiveness on me unless he does the same unto himself.


 ©  Doug Koktavy

March 24, 2007

Doug and the B Brothers





From my book:

The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer: 
    Lessons on Living & Dying From My Canine Brothers

    On Sale now at

Please share this message with your pet rescue/shelter group contacts.  The book will be marketed primarily through my non profit partner organizations as a fund raising tool. 

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