Doug and the B Brothers
Overcoming Fear and Guilt When Canine Kids Get Sick

From my upcoming book:
Evenings with Beezer: 
    Lessons on Living & Dying From My Canine Brothers 
    (spring 2009 release)

Please share this site with your pet rescue/shelter contacts.  The book will be marketed primarily through my non profit organization partners as a fund raising tool. 
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As a male and an attorney, I'd grown accustomed to living in a world where I controlled everything around me and solved every problem I came in contact with.  My view of my place in the universe came crashing down in the fall of 2004, when my beloved Black Labrador, Beezer, was diagnosed with kidney disease which proved fatal.  Shortly thereafter, his brother, Boomer, was stricken with bone cancer and eventually my black dogs were reunited.   I miss them both terribly, but have them to thank for becoming my teachers during this painful and scary chapter of life.

I never succeeded in treating their disease, but they were wildly successful in treating mine.  I learned to overcome my fear and guilt about not being able to help enough, and about facing the future without them.  I became a much better human being in the process thanks to these "professors of spirit."  Our journey was a grand success.

When Beez first got sick, I looked for outside help with my fear and found very little.  We three did it ourselves.   I recorded our daily experiences and am writing a book detailing our journey in the hope of helping you.   The book will be titled "The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer: Lessons on Living & Dying From My Canine Brothers."

Please share this message with your pet shelter/rescue group contacts.  The book is on sale now and will be marketed primarily through my non profit organization partners as a fund raising tool.  


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